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This is the Online Resource for Alcoholics Anonymous
in the Greater Richmond area.

Suggestions on Meeting Re-Openings

Please click the heading of this section for a list of suggestions compiled by Baltimore Intergroup after discussions with their groups and Intergroup offices around the country. These are not rules, but suggestions of things to evaluate prior to decisions being made to re-open face to face meetings.

Your Intergroup Officers

Intergroup Office Is Open - Temporary Hours and Procedures

The Richmond Intergroup Office is open on a restricted basis so that groups and individuals may get the AA literature and supplies they need.
COVID-19 is still around but things are improving; office days and hours will be limited at this time as we watch developments.

Planning your visit to the Intergroup Office:
> Face masks are no longer required for all persons who have been fully vaccinated for two or more weeks
> Calling in advance to arrange a time to come to the office is suggested to avoid clusters of people at one time
> Literature and other supplies will be bagged or boxed in advance of your visit, so be prepared to order what you need when you call
> Cash, check or credit card payments are accepted


Tuesday, June 15: 10am – 3pm
Wednesday, June 16: 10am - 3pm
Thursday, June 17: 10am - 3pm

A Note to All Local Groups...
Please check your meeting listing on our website to verify all information is current.

Please contact us if your group wants to reactivate a live meeting listing, if you are suspending an online meeting, or making any changes that affect your meeting listings. Also, if your group has used an online meeting and is reactivating a live meeting listing, specify whether the online meeting will remain in place; some groups are using both formats.
The best way to convey this information is by sending an email to office@aarichmond.org including a contact name & number.

May Winner's Circle

This month we offer an online version of our newsletter.
Click the heading of this announcement to view it.

June Winner's Circle

This month we offer an online version of our newsletter.
Click the heading of this announcement to view it.

NOTE: We do not endorse any of these sites

Help on howto setup an online meeting
NY Intergroup

Other online resources 

Have your meeting online- phone & computer conferencing
zoom.us online conference (free or paid)
Uber conference (free or paid)
Please note: Zoom has had several recent privacy and security issues NY Times: Zoom

If you want to drink,
that's your affair.
If you want to stop, that's ours.

Richmond Intergroup covers much of Central Virginia,
including the counties surrounding Richmond.Click on meetings to open our
interactive meeting list which is updated as information is received

Intergroup Office note- meetings are not held in the office,
please click on Meetings for places and times

Phone:(804) 355-1212
Temporary Closure, will be updated ASAP

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Chips and Literature Price List

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